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Coradius was established back in 2014. The time when Mobile technologies was taking over and Automation was the biggest necessity among the Educational Institutions.

We started ourselves as Cloud ERP provider with Basic Modules. We have updated our Product as we get further with our clients year by year.

  • 2014
    Foundation & Beginning
    Started with 4 Schools with ERP & CCE Modules
  • 2015
    & 2016
    Major Enhancements and Mobile App for Parents.
    Added Financial to Academic Analysis Modules. An Android and iOS App integrated with ERP.
  • 2017
    Expansion to other States
    Started operations with 45+ clientele of Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Madhya Pradesh.
  • 2018
    & 2019
    Digital Marketing & Online Promotions
    Added Digital Marketing in our service brochure. Helping institutions in their Online Promotions and Lead capturing for 80+ Schools pan india.
  • From 2020 till now
    Major changes due to CoVid
    As the pandemic emerges, we added Live Classes, Online Exams, online attendance to our ERP to make it more efficient for the schools.

Connect+ School ERP

An advanced School Management System with 45+ Modules and Integrated Mobile Apps running in Cloud.

Digital Marketing

We take on the full spectrum of your digital marketing efforts to provide you with a complete end-to-end solution.

Web & Mobile Development

With capabilities across platforms, our app development services can availed to build both customer and enterprise apps.

Cloud Servers Solution

Our Linux Dedicated Server Hosting plans boast free SSD's, increased security, and maximum uptime to ensure your accessibility.

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